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For his entire life Jorge Loyzaga has been devoted to creating beauty in the built environment and has been a champion for traditional architecture and design in its many forms and revivals. In nearly 60 years of working as one of Mexico’s leading classical architects, Jorge Loyzaga has been responsible for creating over 900 residences and civic buildings in 4 continents, ranging in size and scale from buildings, houses, apartments, ranches, haciendas, residential developments, hotels, buildings and city squares. From the countries of Mexico, United State, Italy, Spain and the Philippines and many historic restorations like the Cathedral of Mexico City and the Fort in Guam, and opening a School of Trade in The Philippines, one thing that each of Loyzaga’s projects always have in common is their embodiment of the vernacular forms of which they were inspired. Loyzaga’s lifetime study of forms, decoration, and material has created a body of work that has inspired happy patrons and architects alike.

The Loyzaga Design Studio in Mexico City also serves as a Research Center and Professions School for craftsmanship where dozens of artisans and architects have been trained. The inspiring Studio, housed in a restored 18th Century building in the heart of the city, boasts a library of more than twenty thousand history, architecture and decoration books which serves not only Loyzaga’s team, but researchers across the country, as well as artisans, many of whom their crafts were lost but have been rescued, each time having more value, thanks to the dedication of Jorge Loyzaga.

All too aware of the need to pass the torch so his work can continue well after him, in 2019 Loyzaga Design was consolidated as a brand, with Loyzaga’s daughters Fernanda and Sophia within the Studio, continuing the same tradition and culture in design. With a lifetime of dedication to classicism, the involvement of his daughters sustains his vision for future generations and will allow the beauty created by Loyzaga to continue.